Can I hijack the pi_support_navbar.jinja2?


I want to develop some plugin that could benefit from expending the pi_support_navbar panel. I could add yet another navbar entry, but it seems excessive.

Also on my dev server, pi_support isn't showing. I can't figure out why. It has vcgencmd, after all.


In what way would you want to extend it?

It doesn't check for the existence of vcgencmd but instead checks whether the lower cased contents of /proc/device-tree/model contain the string "raspberry pi".


Sorry, I mean, I literally want to extend it- I want to put more data in its dropdown, rather than adding (yet another) icon on the navbar.

I'll see what I can figure out about the pi_support not showing and get back to you on that.


Ah. Hm... The only idea I have right now is monkey-patching the popoverContent function on the view model. Since the popover is generated dynamically I'm not sure you could easily target it with some JS foo to inject additional data.


(shudder) I hate JS :slight_smile: I'll try it though.


Something like a jquery delegated event handler that applies to objects even after they are added to the DOM?