Can octoprint os runs on odroid C2?

Can octoprint os runs on odroid C2?
If it possible, how to do it?

you can install octoprint on every pc that can run python.
So every pc works fine.
there are several manuals to do that on and on the forum.

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OctoPrint isn't an OS, it's a user space piece of software application.

You might be talking about OctoPi which is a ready made SD card image that includes OctoPrint among other things and whose available images target the Raspberry Pi. A custom build might be able to run on Odroid systems, but you'll need to build this yourself or find someone to do it for you.

See also

There's an ansible role that you can use to provision your debian-based distros here

However, some of the dependencies are outdated from that ansible role. I've created a fork with a merge request to make it work on Ubuntu 20.04 and add webcam authentication by default. See my fork here:

BTW I've just tested this on my Odroid XU4

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