Can Octoprint support Filament Sensors?

I thought it would be a good idea to install a filament sensor on my 3D Printer, so the print could be paused if the filament ran out. There seems to be many different options for filament sensors in the market (including DIY ones), and I also watched several YouTube videos on how to install them. According to the videos, they all seem to plug directly into the 3D Printer’s motherboard.
However, as I’m now using Octoprint, I wanted the filament sensor to be able to communicate directly to the Raspberry-Pi which is running Octoprint.
This is where I ran into the issue, that according to all of the YouTube Presenters, there doesn’t seem to be an interface for Octoprint to monitor a filament sensor.
Is this still the case, and if so, are there any plans to have this feature added to Octoprint?

There are plugins specifically for that. They are typically problematic from what I've seen here on the forum and in Discord causing segfaults, but there are people that use them connected directly to pi. It's more ideal to connect to your printer's main board and handle with firmware for quicker response in my opinion.