Can somebody help me? Wonna install PolarCloud

Installiere Plugin "Polar Cloud" von needs to process external dependencies, that might make it take a bit longer than usual depending on the pip version/home/pi/oprint/bin/python2 -m pip install --no-cache-dir --process-dependency-linksUsage:/home/pi/oprint/bin/python2 -m pip install [options] <requirement specifier> [package-index-options] .../home/pi/oprint/bin/python2 -m pip install [options] -r <requirements file> [package-index-options] .../home/pi/oprint/bin/python2 -m pip install [options] [-e] <vcs project url> .../home/pi/oprint/bin/python2 -m pip install [options] [-e] <local project path> .../home/pi/oprint/bin/python2 -m pip install [options] <archive url/path> such option: --process-dependency-linksFehler!Could not parse output from pip, see plugin_pluginmanager_console.log for generated output

Somebody had this Problem ether and can help me?
This would be very nice