Can you add an option to hide plug-ins?

I sometimes scroll through the list of plug-ins to see what is new and what I haven't installed. It would be nice if I could have a HIDE option for plugins I am not at all interested in so the next time I look they aren't in the list. Any chance of adding that?

Hiding them in which list? The plugin manger's "get more" dialog?

This is how I understand the request.

Sorry Charlie (always wanted to have a reason to say that!). And for those that don't understand the reference, it is a Charlie Tuna commercial from the 80s in the US. Anyway, when you go to the Plug-in manager and click the GET MORE button there are a couple of filter options like only show uninstalled or compatible plugins. It would be nice if I could hide those that are of no interest so I don't have to scroll through them again. For example, "Creality 2x temperature reporting fix" is not a plugin I can or would use so I would like to not see it again. Make sense?

On top of that, I would only 'hide' them until they get a new version. Meaning that something might have changed that will peak your interest and maybe you should check it out. Just a suggestion as most 'single' fix plugins don't change.

How about both options? Hide forever and hide until next release? I really do want to hide some of them forever.

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Nice idea..