Cancel Objects Plugin question


First time I used the Cancel Object plugin it worked like a charm and allowed me to skip the one item in the job that was causing issues. Ever since then though, whenever I've tried to cancel an object, when its moved on the next object, it pushes out a big blob of filament before carrying on. Does it every layer. Anyone else had this or have any ideas if there is a setting I need to change to prevent it happening?


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Make sure you are using relative extrusion distances. I know there are issues with how absolute extrusion is being tracked. Hoping to fix in the next update.


Hi all,
This is still happening with version: (0.3.1)
After I cancel an object, the head moves to the next object and then the extrude spins 'very fast' trying to extrude a LOT of filament before continuing with the next legitimate object.
It spins so fast that my extruder drive gear cannot handle and skips across the filament.


Are you using relative extrusion distances, as recommended?
If you open an issue on the github page and provide your gcode, that would be the easiest way to see what's happening.


Thanks. I was not using relative extrusion - I will turn it on and see how I go.



If you could still open an issue at and provide your gcode that doesn't work it would be appreciated.