Cancel useability

I often find that within a short period of starting a print I realise I've forgotten something (eg. amend slicer settings) so I hit Cancel, do whatever needed doing, then hit Print. So now I have to wait till bed and nozzle are back to temperature. I realize I could remove the disable heaters snippets from the afterPrintCancelled script but then I wouldn't have a safe Cancel option.

I could remove the disable heaters snippets and rely on Heater Timeout plugin to save me but that doesn't feel right.

Does anyone have a work around?

You may use this plugin:

And this is also cool:

Great stuff, I shall investigate.

Have a good one.

One thing I discovered using the heat up snippets in the "After print job is cancelled" CGode caused cancel to wait until temps were reached before state changed from cancelling to operational. I'll have a play when current printing is done, try to find work around. Maybe its a Marlin limitation?

Well thats embarrassing, thats exactly the problem that SetandWait was created for.