Canceling print logs you out

is anyone experiencing an issue where when you cancel a print in the web interface. It logs you out and then takes for ever to log you back in. Also if you then try to delete the job it won't let you until you recycle octoprint. It's not a show stopper just odd.

Never experienced that one before myself.

Could you upload a systeminfo bundle?
Also please test it in safe mode so we can rule out that a plugin is the culprit.

Good afternoon
So I tested in safe mode. The issue didn't appear. I did notice that the temperature didn't drop. In other words the command to heat the bed didn't change or cancel. However the weird log out didn't occur.
When I went back to regular mode and tried the cancel I was immediately logged out again.
Here is the system info file. (16.1 KB)

So, you have a plugin installed called 'AutoLogout Plugin' that 'logs out the user if there is some time of inactvity or after a print job is finished.'

My bet is that has something to do with your issue here, since cancelling a print would count as it finishing if you left that setting at 'Any Status.' Try disabling that first.

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Also, if you try to cancel while the hotend or bed are heating up it has to wait until after the heating is complete before it can cancel unless you've enabled the emergency parser in the firmware. This option isn't enabled in by default, so you may be seeing this behavior.

Ok that makes sense to me.
I will disable the plug in and see if I have any more issues. IT wasn't a real problem it just was annoying.
Thanks again for all your help.