Cannot access Octoprint from browser window

Thanks for responding Ewald.. Yes I have restarted both

Hmmm. A bit strange, that the router sees the Pi but do not provide a IP address.
Have you tried to give the Pi a static IP address?

No I have not tried a static IP . do you have a link to a tutorial? tx

What router do you have?

So octopi sets to a IPV6 adress instead, do you have that enabled in your router and router dhcp server?

I have a Hitron CODA-4582

I don't see a setting for that .. Maybe I'm blind.

IPv6 Inbound Firewall
Firewall ENABLED
ICMPv6 Inbound to Hosts ALLOW
IPv6 Inbound Firewall Rules

and it does allow me to add a rule..

As a test turn off IPV6 support in the router and reboot the octopi? Just to see what happens?

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Thanks for suggestion.. does not work either way.. I was so excited when it worked the first day I ordered another RassPi for my second printer.. Only to discover I now have two rapPi and not octopi. ;-(

I got an octopi.local to work.. and it is asking me for a user name and password.. nothing works.
it's not the default pi and it is not what I registed on octo web site.. what is it??? then when I check your web site to reset password the commands require a ~ sign which only works on a keyboard with my windows and using windows.. it does not recognize this symbol while typing within the pi.. You can't make this up if you tried.. lol. someone pls help..

to clarify this is a browser user name and password.. no idea what that is or how to reset it. instructions to reset require command lines with the ~ which is to the left of the 1 on my keyboard.. but keying it with a keyboard on the pi gives me another symbol.. I don't even know if that is resetting the browser password..

I see in the comments you do it through putty. I did that and I'm back where I started.. don't know user name and password when I open the IP in a browser.

So to clarify ... I know my Raspberry Pi User and Password.. I just need the password that it askes when I input the IP address to a browser and it asks for a user name and password again.. tx

  • When you remote into the Raspberry (with ssh or PuTTY), the username/password that you'd use is pi with raspberry (unless you changed that using sudo raspi-config but you likely did not).
  • During the Setup Wizard, the second screen asks if you want to use User Access control. If you indicated yes and added a user/password then when you visit the http://octopi.local web interface that is what it's looking for. If you can't remember what combination you entered before, then you could follow the instructions here to reset it to something else.
  • If you're having difficulty turning "octopi.local" into a useful IP address within your browser, you might read this if you have Windows for your workstation.
  • If you try to use IPv6—style IP addresses, don't forget that you have to surround them with square brackets. http://[IPv6-style-IP-address]/ as in http://[1234:5679:9012:3456]/

OutsourcedGuru! You are awesome!!

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Having this same issue... after a good few weeks of working nicely and a couple of days being switched off, I fired up the Pi and the printer as usual. The old IP address didn't work. This has happened before. The last digits have moved from 12 to 13 to 11. Whatever. Checked the Pi and instead of a "normal" IP address, it gives me three formats I'm unfamiliar with, one of which is IPv6. With OutsourcedGuru's guidance, I can now see OctoPrint in a browser. Problem is my Cura plugin wants an IP address in decimal format. Again, this worked as expected up last time I used it, only a few days ago. Any thoughts on how this "just happens" and how to fix it? I need to be able to give Cura a traditional decimal-based IP address. Cheers!

If it is (my) OctoPrint Connection plugin, that should also accept IPv6, or a hostname.

When starting, your Raspberry Pi asks your router for an IP address that it can use. If it has not been too long since the last time, it will get the same IP address that it used the last time; the router gives the Pi a "lease" on that IP address with a certain time limit that gets renewed each time the Pi uses the IP address. That's why sometimes after a while of not using the Pi, it will get another IP address.

In this case, it seems like the router did not give the Pi an IPv4 address, but only an IPv6 address. That could be because of a configuration error in the router, or because the router ran out of available IPv4 addresses in the "pool" of addresses that it has available (ie: all of the available addresses have been leased out). That normally does not happen.

You can ask your router what's going on:
sudo dhclient -v

Turns out that even though a decimal-based IP address is still NOT shown on the Pi, it IS shown on the router. Crazy. Anyhow... in essence, problem solved. Thanks :wink: