Cannot enable Thimeify in octoprint 1.4

Trying to change the background color on octoprint 1.4 and installed Themeify but it will not enable. I assume its probably due to the Python 3 support. Is there any other way to change the background color?
I have 2 printers running octoprint and want different color background for each. I screwed up yesterday and cancelled the wrong print job on one.

To the best of my knowledge, Themeify does not yet support Python 3 in your virtual environment. So if you upgraded your virtual environment from Py2 to Py3 then, yes, this would be the cause.

You may want to open a ticket in the plugin's repository, as the latest release appears to have included Python 3 support...

OK so it looks like its my install of octoprint. I am running on a hacked chromebook running ubuntu and it doesn't work on it but my other printer has octoprint 1.4 on a orange pi lite and the plug-in is working fine on it. I will look into it further.