Cannot Login to Octopi?

What is the problem?

I cannot login to the Octoprint website ( It asks for my username and password, but it doesn't accept the username and password and tells me, it's the wrong one.
I finally listened to the popup of changing the default password, after ignoring if for many many month, and now I cannot login anymore. Login via SSH with the new password works fine, but the Octoprint website does neither accept the login info, which works fine for SSH, nor does it accept the old login info.

What did you already try to solve it?

Restart the raspberry pi with >sudo reboot -h

Have you tried running in safe mode?


Did running in safe mode solve the problem?

Didn't try

Systeminfo Bundle

Don't have this. Pls let me log in first

Additional information about your setup

Octoprint version: 1.8.7 printers: Cr-10 browsers: Safari & Chrome OS: Mac Ventura

It's still possible to use Octoprint, since I have the Telegram bot enabled and that login still works via the API key, but it would be nice to also have access to the website interface, fr fr

Hello @PlsJustLetMeIn !

You may try this:

I forgot my OctoPrint password, how can I reset it? - Get Help / FAQ - OctoPrint Community Forum

Don't confuse the OctoPi username (usually pi) and password used most often with SSH and the OctoPrint username and password used to access the web interface.

The OctoPrint username and password were set initially during the first run setup and the link posted by @Ewald_Ikemann documents how to change it later (The OctoPi password for the pi username can also be changed but the procedure is different).

So changing the pi password with >passwd should not change the OctoPrint login details? That'd make it even weirder, since that login data is stored by Safari, so I don't even enter the password and it still says wrong login info

Safari should be storing the OctoPrint username and password (i.e. the website credentials). Changing the pi password via SSH using the passwd command should not have any effect on Safari.

I don't have anything running MacOS but my iPhone logs in to OctoPrint using Safari after asking for the OctoPrint username and password I have configured.

It sounds like your Safari password manager and the OctoPrint credentials don't match so you need to fix one or the other. If you wish to change the OctoPrint credentials, the link with instructions has already been posted here. If you wish to change the Safari stored credentials, I'm sure you can search for instructions on the internet (I used Google with the search string "safari password manager").

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