Cannot see VIRTUAL printer on connections


I am trying to setup a virtual printer, but I am not be able to see it, despite of I followed the steps described here:

My settings and environment are:

OctoPrint 1.3.10
|  hardware:
|    cores: 8
|    freq: 2900
|    ram: 17179869184
|  os:
|    id: macos
|    platform: darwin
|  python:
|    pip: 19.0.3
|    version: 2.7.15
|    virtualenv: /Users/sahelanthropus/OctoPrint/venv/bin/..

My yaml.config I set is:

  enabled: true

After restart OctoPrint it becomes:

  enabled: true
  virtualPrinter: null

On localhost:5000 is see:


Where am I wrong? Is it a bug or is it my fault?


Omg. I solved rewriting the YAML configuration file as follows:

      enabled: true

now it works.


I prefer to leave the question, however trivial it may be, because it might help someone else.


yes its YAML XD
20 Zeichen ...


I can highly recommend to read through :wink: