Cant comment as a new user

I get it, avoid spam and dummy accounts. But it is just annoying that I just created a new account only to make a comment searching for help on a topic of somewhat urgent matter. I guess I can live without that comment, but then the whole point of this community is useless for newcomers. It densentivices for more people to get involved since it is just a hassle. In my case I may or may not come back again and try to comment again.

Which thread? Do you have a screenshot?

@R0dri, You created this post to tell us "I can't post" which doesn't make sense. There's something else going on so we need more information to help figure it out.

It's to keep people from spamming the forum.
Bye Felicia!

yeah, it is about the level zero block. i had to enter to many posts and scroll without reading anything and give random likes so I could level up. Did this since I was in kind of a hurry. Well, anyways, found a solution while waiting to be accepted. I submitted a suggestion on the topic after being leveled up.

Still, I found it little nonsensical about the no reply restriction. I find it even worse that I can create a post. I would think to be more logical to be allowed to reply but not to create new topics.

The thing is though, I just checked, and we allow

  • 3 new topics on your first day
  • 50 replies on your first day
  • 3 replies per topic without having gotten a reply
  • 2 links per post
  • 2 mentions per post
  • 1 image per post
  • 1 attachment per post

So unless you give us a bit more detail on what exactly you tried to comment where and what exact message you got back from the system, it's not possible to look into this. As you can see, the settings that should apply here are sensible and in no way "completely preventing replies".