Can't connect in the secondary network

At home I need three modems, the house is big so I had to add more two modems to my network and each one has a different name so I am able to change the wireless network to the nearest, but I only can access octoprint in the network that octoprint is connected. Is there a way to access octoprint in all of them?
Thanks in advance.

Hey :slight_smile:
I'm not quite sure how your network configuration looks like, but I guess each access point puts it's clients in a different subnet.

I would compare the IP of your phone/tablet/laptop/whatever when connected to the APs to find out if that's the case.

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I have router "1" Main, router "2" upstairs, router "3" downstairs, different names, each router is connected by Ethernet cable, from the router out the connection goes wireless. If I go from one to another the IP changes.

I assume they have different SSIDs.
Smartphones etc can handle different SSIDs, but OctoPrint can only handle one.

Then, I would recommend just one router and having hotspots/access points at your given places.
So you stay in the same subnet

What you need in this case is wireless access points. Almost all wireless routers can be configured as wireless access points. Instead of connecting the ethernet cable to the WAN port on the wireless router, connect it to one of the LAN ports. DHCP will need to be disabled on the routers configured as access points and they will need to have their own IP address assigned.

If you provide a diagram of your network showing which ports are available on each device and which ports are being used, we can probably give you better instructions on how to configure it.