Can't connect picam to octopi

Camera model - Raspberry Pi Cam V2

What is the problem? The cam stream will not load. The default "video stream URL is not configured correctly" message is displayed.

What did you already try to solve it? Restarted the Pi, changed the ribbon cord, Made sure that all the connections are solid.

Logs octoprint (2).log (310.7 KB)

Additional information about your setup Pi 3, ender 3 pro, octoprint version 1.4.2

I feel I should add that I am not knowledgable about how to SSH into the pi and perform commands. I have tried to log in using the terminal function on my Macbook Air. I don't seem to have the right password, and if I were to get past that, I don't know that I would know what to do. I am not knowledgable about that. Previously when this has happened, it has fixed itself when a software update for the pi itself came out.

Try it without any usb device (incl your printer) connected

That didn't seem to have any effect. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Knowing how to use SSH is very valuable. You don't need a lot of Linux knowledge because most of the time, the person helping you will provide the necessary commands.

If you changed the OctoPi password and forgot it, see for how to reset it.

If you have enabled OctoPrint users and passwords, see The instructions assume that you can connect with SSH.

Perhaps @OutsourcedGuru could lend a hand as I believe he is a knowledgeable Mac user.