Can't download/install OctoDash

I finally got my Pi connected to the internet through a ethernet cable. I was able to access github and install the touch driver for my 7" display. I'm trying to install OctoDash. I'm using this line, as shown on the OctoDash website:
bash <(wget -qO-
but when I hit enter all I get is a '>' and the curser. No error message or any indication of what's wrong. I checked the line I typed over and over to make sure I didn't type it wrong. Is the link broken? Is there another way to install OctoDash?

I copied the line from OctoDash and it worked for me. What you describe sounds very much like some error occurred selecting and copying the bit. Just try it again or even type it in carefully


bash <(curl -s -L

If that also doesn't work try

chmod +x

LOL, after hours of checking and relooking if turned out that I left the last character in the line, the ')' out and, of course, it didn't work. {facepalm}

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Happens to the best :slight_smile:

Happy printing :octopus: