Cant SSH into Pi 0

Trying to setup octoprint on my Pi zero to monitor it during prints, but I when I try and use putty to SSH into it I always get the message "Connection Timed Out"

Already tried messing with some of the config files with no effect.

can you open the web interface? 'times out' is common if you are accessing the wrong IP address or the like.

Open your router (aka default gateway)
Look at the addresses your home router assigns out...see if you see the pi and the ip, then use that to connect to it...remember...addresses are random...they may change (unless you make them static)

Web Interface does not work either

So your pi (a) isn't on your wifi network or (b) you don't know the IP address for it.

You can get tools for smartphone like or that list you the devices of your LAN. Here you can get the IP of your OctoPrint.