Case designs for raspberry


I recently picked up a Raspberry Pi Zero W for another octo-project, and a friend said to me "you're so hot about that fancy 3D printing thing, why don't you make a case for that new one ?"

I laughed and told him that the thing was so small that I could probably fit it into a tictac box without first taking out the tictacs

Which gave me an idea...

I grabbed a box of tictacs from the dollar store, for which I think I paid, um, a dollar for, opened it up, and jammed the pi inside it

(without first taking out the tictacs, just for testing purposes you understand)


And, not surprisingly, it fit, which gave me another idea... (I'm just full of it, ain't I ?)

So I made a case for my new RaspBerry Pi Zero W


The cooling fan may have been overkill, but, I figured that if I was gonna jam it inside a plastic box, I might better wanna think about heat dissipation


Awe... if you'd flipped the Raspi over and punched a hole in the right place, you could have had one of the power lights behind Balthazar Bratt's eye.


Y'know, that actually did occur to me. But, it wasn't workable cuz I wanted all the slots where I could get to them just by cutting a hole in the case, and that idea didn't line up with having 2 sides against the case edge

As chintzy as it looks, I actually put about 4 hours into that project. I had to do a whole lotta things I'm not used to doing, like, yaknow, thinking, and stuff