Change_Filament Plugin

Just installed the Change_Filament plugin and am having trouble with it on my Ender 3 Pro - hopefully someone else has worked this out.

With a print going I press the Park button; the print pauses, the head moves up (Z), then moves to 0,0 (X,Y) and after a few seconds it moves back to the X,Y that it paused at and continues to [try and] print ... with the Z access still several CM above the print. After a few seconds it adjusts the Z position (probably as soon as it finished the layer it thinks its on) and then continues printing like nothing happened.

Based on the limited doc for this plugin, it seems that "Park" should pause the print [I have that checkbox set] and move the print head to a "home" position and wait for me to then hit the unload button [and the rest of the manual sequence].

Anyone else experiencing this sort of behavior?