Change tool labels in temperature tab?


On the temperature tab I would really like to change the tool names used in the interface. I have duel extruders and they are labeled 'tool 0' and 'tool 1' in the interface. I would like to change these labels to 'Left' and 'Right', like Simplify3D does. These labels are much more intuitive and will make it simpler for the high school kids who use the printer.

I'm new to octoprint, but I figured I could use themeify to do this but have not the answer there. Is there a way to do it?

Btw, I love octoprint!


Honestly, I've found that there are 10 kinds of students:

  • those who understand binary and
  • those who don't

So what's wrong with STEAM-teachin' them how to count like a coder? /southern-accent

The hard thing about trying to use Themeify for this is that it's difficult to change text with CSS. Even if you could play games by trying to display:none the existing td and then adding a td:after this would work for about half a second and then the OctoPrint interface would update the temperature graph and you'd lose all that fine work.


Counting like a coder I have them doing, remember that 0 is 'right' and 1 is 'left' is more of a challenge (I have trouble keep it straight myself). I was hoping it would be easy, oh well. Thanks for responding.


Just the opposite, btw. Left is zero, right is one.


? Not on my creator pro. Confusing right?


OMG! I thought zero is up and one is down :scream:


Oh, well... yeah, I could see where that might be confusing for your students.

One could fork OctoPrint to make these adjustments but then you'd spend a fair amount of effort managing code.


Yeah, that would be too big. Could it be done more easily by doing the change as a language translation? Obviously I'd really just be keeping it English, but just changing only these names in the UI.


And you'd think that it would be easy, wouldn't you? I think the amount of effort to create a language might be a little... big.