Chituboard plugin unable to print

Hello, has anyone connected their Elegoo Saturn to Octopi with the Chituboard plugin? I have mine connected to a PI zero 2W and able to control the printer axes, however, when it comes to printing to the printer via Octoprint UI nothing happens.
Has anyone come across this or know where to start troubleshooting? Thanks!

The printer should be supported.

Please upload a systeminfo bundle

Hey, I've attempted another redeploy with no luck, the only thing I think I am missing is the "abortHeatupOnCancel" option to false (Unable to locate the setting in the settings)

As requested, I have attached the Systeminfo bundle to this message. Thanks (28.0 KB)

Found the issue if anyone in the future comes across the same issue I have, turns out the micro-usb cable used from the PI > Saturn is only capable of transmitting power and not data, used another cable and is now able to print to the Saturn :slight_smile:

A big thanks to Troubleshooting β€” mariner documentation which shows some good troubleshooting tips based on errors on the terminal on Octopi

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