Chrome/Browser notifications for completed prints


Hey all, just an idea here but I'd like to see OctoPrint send browser notifications when a print is done. Just so you can get an alert without having to be looking at the OctoPrint progress bar or video stream. I don't know if this would best be done through a plugin or to build it in as a core feature. Thoughts?


Personally, I do that with a sound event plus attached speakers. The Gcode System Commands plugin makes easy work of that.

You could also add an M117 command in your Gcode Script for the end of the job. And then one of the M117 popup plugins would have that do a popup dialog.


My M117SpeechSynthesis plugin will talk to you with M117 messages and you can get the same kind of thing. It would be easy enough to integrate the chrome notifications through the PNotify prompts with my M117PopUp plugin. that works with the desktop module option.


@jneilliii : Neat idea! Btw: what do I have to add to the Waterfox browser (V56.2) to make it alive?


Assuming that browser is based on firefox it should work, but can't guarantee it. Install the plugin in octoprint, go into settings and if the list loads with voices you can select one and press test. If all is good add the M117 message you want to say aloud in the gcode scripts section.


Yes, it's the 64 bit version of the (old) firefox.
But no speech output.
I will investigate...


That's odd, according to this...which is an older version, it shows Speech Synthesis as supported. The plugin utilizes SpeechSynthesisUtterance specifically to say the messages.


I just installed 56.2.1 and it seems to be working fine for me. Try setting the Speech Synthesis settings, save, restart OctoPrint and then go back into settings and press the Test button. I vaguely remember something about the voice not being selected causing some people issues before, just can't remember if I addressed it or not.


Thanks for your hints! Works fine now! :+1: