"Click to resume" Marlin 1.1.8


I have a program on a Rasp Pi that connects to a printer and automatically sends M114 and M105 for monitoring the printer. When I run a print from the SD card the printer after reaching the setpoints Temperatures, it just stops and the LCD shows a "click to resume" message. After I click it works fine on most of the times but sometimes the message appears again.

Is there something that can be done for the printer just run normally without any pause between a print and sending these Gcodes?


Sounds a lot like this, to be honest. (Buffer overflow in your Marlin caused by repetitive sending of M105 responses.)


That doesn't sound like it is referring or related to OctoPrint, so I'm a bit unsure why you are posting that here?


Hi. I put here because programs like the Octoprint when connected to a printer during a SD print keep sending M105 gcode and the printer doesn´t pause or stop. So I'd like to know the logic behind that, because I'm developing a program and the idea is also to send gcode for monitoring the printer and then forward the message to somewhere else.


Neither M105 nor M114 should make your printer pause and request user interaction with the controller. If they do it sounds like a bug in your printer's firmware.


I'd like to the see (the beginning of) the Gcode being printed from the SD card. I'm also curious about the make / model of the printer in case that becomes relevant later.

While you are developing your own software, can you install and run OctoPrint as a test to verify that the system behaves as expected?


Guys, read the Issue I posted. It sounds a lot like a buffer overrun.


If you send a gcode command, you have to wait until it gets acknowledged with an OK response. If you don't, it can happen you fill up the serial buffer in Marlin, and when Marlin detects that it reacts by pausing the print (which I find somewhat odd response, because it is not going to solve the problem, but make it worse).


I think in order to obtain the same answer as octoprint or repetier, I have to send the the gcode with a checksum but I don´t know how to code that checksum...