Communication timeout while printing. Not a marlin bugfix firmware issue

I had the same problem for a long time. A simple trick with an extension cord fixed it for med so I did this thing on Thiniverse. Zero problemes since then.
OctoPrint disconnect fix (SerialException)

Interesting approach to fixing EMI issues. I've heard similar things when people had their printer close to a freezer and when the compressor kicked on it would kill the pi's connection.

I have now installed the new PSU and I can report back that it was not enough to power only the Ender off this PSU, I put in a buck converter to go from 24v to 5v so that I could also power the Pi from this actively filtered PSU, and I haven't had a problem since. (My problem was not with just the Ender PSU or the pi PSU, I had to feed them both a clean voltage to make it work. Go figure.)

Winding coils is a common method in HF technology to suppress EMI. It depends of the frequency if the use of a coil or a ferrite bead is more useful. Sometimes the coils are wound around a ferrite ring.

Yeah, I just never thought to do it with an extension cord before.

And if there's any chance there is a somewhat larger load on the extension cord, you really shouldn't do that.

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Yes. Those are always better: