Community Firmware on CR-6 with Octoprint

I’m thinking of installing the community firmware on my Creality CR-6 SE, I’m just wondering if Ill need to make any changes to Octoprint after doing this? I can’t think of anything that would need to be changed but I thought Id ask before hand just to be sure and hopefully avoid any problems.

What is the community firmware? Never heard of it.

I guess the only thing you might have to change is the baudrate in the connection field.
Could be that this firmware got a higher baudrate.

For everything else I need a list of features so I know what they have built into the firmware.

That would be this one: CR6Community/Marlin (

It's just Marlin with support for the Creality CR6 - it shows up in the usage stats for OctoPrint and there's a number of people using it. I don't recall hearing of any issues with it. Should be just fine.

I assumed incorrectly that people would know what I was talking about, I should have posted a link to it like you did maybe. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I didn't think I'd have to make any changes but just wasn't sure like I said before.

Thanks for the help!

Just as a follow up on this...

I have now installed the community firmware on my CR6 SE without any problems at all and its working great with Octoprint.

Worth doing if you have been thinking about it.

Much better then the stock firmware thats for sure.

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I just started with Octoprint on my Community Firmware 6.1
Noticed that when sent a print from Octoprint the LCD display just say printing printing (no file title), and it actually says Printing Paused with progress at 0% while the actual printing seems just fine
Anybody else with same situation?