Compatibility with CR-M4

Is Octoprint compatible with the Creality CR-M4? I have seen odd behaviors like the hotbed and hot-end temperatures being set to weird values. i.e. the hotbed was set to 110, and the hot-end was set to 80.

I am printing off the printer direct now and just using OctoPrint to monitor.

Hello @thekameleon !

For this is a Creality printer, be aware that the firmware can do some weird things when a host is plugged into the USB-B port.

So, are you seeking for assistance?

Well yes. I want to know why when I use cura slicer and set the hotend to 240 degrees and 80 degrees for the hotbed that when i print, the hotend is set to 80 degrees and the hotbed is set to 110 degrees by the gcode.

I think this a a software / firmware ossue between the printer and octoprint. If i use the same gcode file on the printer with. Isb drive it works as expected. If i use crealitycloud, it works as expected. It just doesnt seem to work from octoprint.

Obviously you have chosen the wrong commands for the heating:

You may check your settings in Cura:

Obviously you are not understanding my post. If you did then uou would have read, the gcode file works fine when executed from the printer but doesnt when executed from octoprint.

Should i create a detailed video for you? Maybe that will help you comprehend. Even though my original explanation should be simple enough for anyone to understand.

Sorry, but so lines I had to read more than twice...

"I want to know why when i use cura"

There isn't much in the way of detailed information in this post. The more details you provide, the better support we can provide.

Let's start with details (including version numbers) on the configuration. What host with what host OS (for Cura)? What flavor of Cura? Where is OctoPrint installed? If the OctoPrint host is different that the Cura host, give details. What firmware in CR-M4?

Create a small object like a 5x5x5mm cube. Slice this object and upload both the .stl and the .gcode to this forum. Does this object demonstrate the temperature issue?

Enable the serial log in OctoPrint, attempt to print the above object, and then upload the serial log to this forum. If the version of OctoPrint is recent, then a systeminfo bundle would be better.

There is no such thing as too much information.