Compatibility with Voxelab Aries

New to 3D printing. First ever post in this space. I’m afraid I know the answer to this question (“nope”), but has anyone figured out how to get Octoprint working on the relatively new Voxelab Aries? I emailed Voxelab after sales support and was told: “Our machine does not fit well with OCTO, so we do not recommend using it. Of course, you can try it out and ask other customers who have used it on FB groups or other online forums if they have any suggestions.” Seems like this is part of the whole closed source design choice that Voxelab made with the machine (which I don’t fully understand). Since I don’t do FB, I thought I’d check with you fine humans to see if anyone knows of any work-arounds. As much as I am enjoying the Aries (as advertised, it has been a pretty good noob machine, I feel like I am missing out on some of the fun by not being able to use Octoprint and might have gotten a different printer had I been smart/experienced enough to realize that Octoprint might not be possible with this machine.