Config.yaml problem

Hi !
I'm developing a plugin and I would like to add my plugin url into the config.yaml. But it doesn't work or I don't take the good config.yaml.
I take the example of the "hello word" tutorial to add like this :

url: Hallo-Welt-Programm – Wikipedia

But nothing happens. Can you say me what "config.yaml" I need to update please ?

Is there already a plugins section? Did you restart OctoPrint after editing it?

Yeah ! I think I've not the right method to debug. Do you know how to debug dynamically the plugin ?

If you install the plugin locally (ideally in editable mode) you can use IDE tools like PyCharm or VS Code to debug while running OctoPrint.

Maybe it is not clear:
The config.yaml is only updated(inserted) if the value of your default setting is different than the default.

    def get_settings_defaults(self):
        return dict(url="")

The url does not appear in the config.yaml.

But if you change the value via your programm (UI-Settings), the new value will be stored in the config.

...some event occurs...
self._settings.set(["url"], ""))

Then your config.yaml looks like this:

# [...]
# [...]

Btw. if you manually enter data into the config-file make sure you use the correct indentations.

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