Conflict between Smart Filament Sensor and Enclosure plugins

I installed the BTT sensor and Smart Filament Sensor plugin yesterday, which are working as expected. As I was printing I noticed my Pi cooling fan (which is controlled via the Enclosure plugin) wasn't on, but I assumed I dislodged something when I hooked up the filament sensor. Today I checked again and the fan still doesn't turn on, and neither do my Enclosure plugin controlled LEDs.

Disabling the Smart Filament Sensor plugin makes the Enclosure control work again, re-enabling Smart Filament Sensor breaks the Enclosure. With SFS enabled I see errors like this in the log:

octoprint.plugins.enclosure - WARNING - An exception of type RuntimeError occurred on log_error. Arguments:
('You must setup() the GPIO channel first',)

Here's the log file from today with SFS enabled and disabled: octoprint.log (43.2 KB)

Any help in getting this resolved would be great. I don't know where the actual problem is so I don't know which developer to report this to.

EDIT After some further digging I found the solution, detailed here: GPIO not working in BCM mode for other plugins Β· Issue #30 Β· maocypher/Octoprint-Smart-Filament-Sensor Β· GitHub

Appears others are having issues with Smart Filament Sensor interfering with GPIO, filed a bug with the developer.

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