Connect via python script

I have my Octoprint set up with a few system commands that run python scripts to turn on/off led lights, and turn the printer on/off.

So my Pi is powered from the printers power supply (which is always on), and then I have the power to the printer ran through a relay that is controlled by a GPIO. That all works great, but I want to add one feature.

Once I click the power on under system commands, I also want it to connect to the printer (as it of course loses the connect when the printer is shut off.)

Is there a command that I can execute via python script to tell it to attempt a connection to the USB serial port on my printer? So far my research has come up empty.

The PortLister plugin might be useful, if not to use as is then to see how they do it:

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Yes! Exactly what I wanted. Works great! I figured something was out there - I just couldn't seem to find it for some reason.

Thanks much!

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