Connecting led strip for remote control

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Model B and I picked up this light strip for my printer enclosure:

I have this relay that supposedly should work directly with Raspberry (using jumper leads):

I have this heavier duty relay to run led lights, heater, switch off printer, etc:

(the idea was to connect this heavier duty relay into the lighter duty relay).

I'm trying to set up the Enclosure Plugin in Octoprint to run everything, so I can access/control everything in my office when I'm at home.

I'm new to Raspberry and Octoprint, and just trying to get some direction on how to wire everything. I've got some experience with electronics, so I'm not a total newbie, but I've got no clue what pins I should be using for relays, and also the best way to wire lights into system.

Thanks for any tips, resources, etc.