Connecting to web

I haven't been able to connect to the site in days.I keep getting message (This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.)
has there been a change or a known issue ?

When you say "site", do you mean your OctoPrint instance or the Discourse forum here?

  1. In the unlikely event you're talking about the Discourse forum, then the IP address is local to you and you have some sort of DNS error.
  2. Since you're probably talking about your OctoPrint instance, it's possible that your Raspberry has a new IP address now (I'm assuming here).

If your workstation is a Mac, then try http://octopi.local as the URL instead of the IP address. If your workstation is Windows-based, then first go to a CMD prompt:

ping octopi.local.

If this succeeds, then try the http://octopi.local again from your browser. If the ping was happy then it will have found the correct/new IP address and you can use that one as in, perhaps.

Okay, so if none of that works then it's possible that the Raspberry Pi isn't happy and needs to be rebooted. If that doesn't work, try your router to see if the Raspberry Pi was issued an IP address.