Consolidated Control Screen on WEB?

I'd like to suggest a consolidated Temperature and Control screen, or at a minimum, adding the Temperature controls at the bottom of the Control screen.

There's just no benefit to having to switch tabs to pre-heat and then move the printer if need be before starting a print.

You certainly can just fire off a print and slicer settings will pre-heat, but I like to kick off my print and know it's starting to get check on it.

Didn't see a best place for recommendations, so let me know if I should submit this elsewhere on the forum.

Thanks for considering.

Big fan of 3rd party Octo4a and wishing someone would start a Wiki of compatible phones and tablets and charger adapters to locate combinations that will work, charge, and see the printer.

I can contribute two:

  1. Blackview A9 Pro, Works reliably, charges and sees printer
  2. 2020 8" Fire Tablet, won't charge and see printer, but battery life of around 10 hours makes it usable for prints under that duration

This one is already available as a plugin:

Perfect, thanks!

You're welcome.