Continuous readout from EZABL, for example

I've just got myself an EZABL for my Ender 5. One of the things I did was to use the bed level visualiser to get a mesh. I had all 4 of my corners screwed right down and the bed was still a long way out so I looked at the highest corner, adjusted one corner, ran a mesh, adjust the same corner, and kept repeating this until all 4 corners were with 0.0x mm of each other. I was quite surprised at how much difference there was between them.

Anyway, I'm wondering is there is a plugin or something where I can position the probe in one corner to get a continuous readout and then adjust the screw until it's at the value I want, then more on to the next corner.

Not sure if there is a specific plugin for it but people have done it with custom controls.


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I'm afraid that would not work.
These sensors have a digital output. At a certain proximity to the surface it triggers and changes it's state.
That's why for probing the z-axis is lowered down a few times, more slowly every time.
When the sensor changes the output state, the firmware remembers the z position at the certain point on the heat bed. From the bunch of z positions of the heat bed, the correction grid is calculated.

Ah! Yes, that makes sense. I had it in my head that the sensor was providing a value.