Control button orientation

I was not able to find the following among OctoPrint features or plugins, thus please take this as a feature suggestion.

For those users that have printers with cameras installed along a side (like in my case), or the back of the printer it gets a bit confusing to use left, right, front and back arrow buttons in XY section of Control tab. In my case when I press arrow down camera shows print head moving to the right. The same applies to other 3 directions.

It would be nice to have an option in Settings allowing to select the location of the camera (front, left, right or back of print-bed) and re-arrange GUI buttons accordingly. In my case the setting would be - camera on the left that would result into buttons "rotated" 90 degrees counterclockwise.


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What's about flipping and/or rotating the camera picture to reflect the real positions?
For example: at the moment my camera is mounted on the right side in a bit odd orientation because the cable management. The standard picture looks like that:


so for me, flipping horizontal and vertical and additional rotate 90Β° clockwise do the trick

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Followed your suggestion.To match button layout I had to rotate camera 90 degrees counter clockwise and flip image in both directions. Ended up with this awkward appearance.