Control not working for Ender 5 pro


The Octoprint control screen does not communicate or does not send commands to the printer.

I have checked and double checked everything all seems to be in order; but I must have missed something along the way.

I have printed items, don't think I have tried to use the control panel before.

How can I get the control panel working.


Ender 5 Pro
Silent board v4.2.2
Marlin 1.3.1, with BLTouch

Thank you,

Moved to the get help topic, since that fits this far better.

When you press the items on the control tab, the commands should be sent to the printer. Can you try switching back to the terminal tab, and typing something like G28 X Y (home), which would be the same as pressing the home button in control. Then we can see if it is an issue with the printer or OctoPrint etc.

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if you have the SD card in the printer, take it out

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And if you got no sd card in it - try it with an sd card inserted.

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