Control Raspberry Pi via OctoPrint

I use PSU control to turn off my printer (Ender-3 v2) after a print job so that the printer is not on unnecessarily long, without anything to print.
Works perfectly.

Now I would also like to switch the LED lighting on and off in this way.
Is it possible to switch two GPIOs on the raspberry pi via OctoPrint?
GPIO27 to switch the printer. (G-Code M80 in, M81 out)
GPIO17 to switch the LEDs?

Hello @PeterSmits !

I would recommend this for that purpose:


Keep in mind that for light gcode M355 is used

G-code - RepRap

Dear Ewald,

Thank you very much for your quick response.
Yesterday I downloaded the plugin, tested it and it works perfectly.

Regards Peter

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