Controlling printer with same pi that is hooked to the touchscreen

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I would like to put a touchscreen on my prusa mk3s using the pi. My question is can i still control the printer through my computer using that pi. Example i want to pause the print from the printer while sending code from the computer is this possible or is it one or the other. or do i have to do something weird with two pis.
this is what im wanting to add

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It's absolutely possible, I have a setup like that, albeit with another printer and another software for the screen. The processes are separate so the only issue could be resources, I have a Pi 2B and even that pi has managed it fine

If you're running the x windows Desktop that's often added as part of a TFT solution then I wouldn't attempt this with anything less than a Raspberry Pi 3B as hardware goes.

thank you for the quick reply. i have a pi 3b+. next question is how do i do said the processes are separate how do i separate them i have octoprint set up for just computer set up. I've watched youtube on how to get the touch ui on the touchscreen but if i do that will i still be able to a run them together. and just so i understand i can upload a print via the computer than control as in move, change temp or do anything else i can do on the computer on the touchscreen correct

The Overview section of this post vaguely describes the steps I took but I wouldn't call that a step-by-step tutorial.

Other than TouchUI as a plugin, there is now a second option called OctoScreen which is described here.

Im sorry im still a little confused, im not great at the coding stuff just yet, so touch ui will not work as a second screen where i can control the printer from both the pc and touchscreen and them talk to each other? Also, is octoscreen different then octoprint, and if so will i be able to control the printer from both? Not meaning to be so confused i just dont want to buy all the stuff and it not work as i want it to.... the wife would kill me..i appreciate the help.


If in doubt, read the plugin author's page:

"A touch friendly interface for Mobile and TFT touch modules"

In other words, it adds responsive CSS stylesheet'ing so that if you run the OctoPrint web interface locally on the Pi's TFT screen then everything will be smaller and more useful for a tiny screen. And yet, you'd still need to run a browser locally on the Pi to see the OctoPrint web interface.

This isn't a solution where there's a unique GUI application which runs locally on the Pi and which talks to the TFT screen. It's a browser-based solution for the Pi.

It does allow you to control the printer. Read the plugin author's page for details.

If in doubt, read that plugin author's page:

"OctoScreen , LCD touch interface for your Octoprint... that allows you to control your 3D Printer, like you can do with any LCD panel on the printer controller board itself, but using OctoPrint and a Raspberry Pi."

He further describes that this doesn't require a browser. He describes how this is different from the TouchUI plugin.

Honestly, if this is confusing then don't buy all the stuff. You're in the hacker space now where people who do this are expected to know a lot of things like how to make Linux happy, how to make electronics happy and how to load (compile) drivers sometimes.

ok cool ill figure it out, thanks