CR-6 SE and OctoPrint

I just received my CR-6 and I was able to connect OctoPrint, but I am experiencing some quirks. I understand the CR-6 is probably not 'fully supported' yet. What is the proper etiquette to ask questions and offer support via data logs?

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When you open a topic in the Get Help category, there is a template provided. If you take the time to read the links in the template and then provide the requested information including logs (<- note this is a link), we will have what we need to provide the help that you need. Remember, you can't provide too much detail or too much information.

I would also suggest that if you have multiple "quirks", that you put each one into a separate topic with a useful title. As each "quirk" gets resolved, you can mark that topic as solved and future CR-6 SE owners will benefit.

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This can likely be solved with 'CR-6' plugin, but you would have to offer some testing time to whoever was to create it. Couple of things that would be useful:

  1. Good description of the 'quirks' and what happens / should happen
  2. Enable serial.log (<- click link), and post a relevant log each time you have an issue.

It is likely just some non-standard communication, since Creality like to change the most annoying things, for no apparent reason, but we'll leave it there.

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once mine arrives i would love to help get this working if i can and if others have not already offered their help. who do i contact or how do i start that once mine arrives?

@Justin_Clevenger, Just follow the recommendations put forth in this thread. Open topics in the Get Help category and provide all the requested information.

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Hi, also just got my CR6.

I have two problems with it in combination with octoprint:

  1. The printers display doesn't show the print progress. Is there a way to get that?
  2. Octoprint doesn't end the print. Although my prints are fine and the printer is done, octoprint does not end the print so that I can't start a new one. Does anyone know that issue?

Thanks in advance,

That's normal behaviour, there are plugins that will update the progress but the firmware may not have support for it.

Enable serial.log as suggested above, reproduce the issue and upload the log, and we will see what the problem is.

My CR6-Max just arrived and I'm about to setup Octoprint for it. I'm guessing that alot of the issues CR6-SE users run into I'll see on my Max also.

I also just got my CR-6 Max.. It's printing fine. I'd like to add an Octoprint and will be following. Help if I can.

I just put together my first Pi for my Taz 6, so absolute beginner, but the unit works.

Hello i get my CR6 today and had the same issue. Like HuberDe with the display that doesnt show the process.

Is there a way to fix this now ? Or still the same like back than?

Hello @Patrick_Busse !

You have read the post of @Charlie_Powell ?

All information you need is in it.