CR-6 SE and OctoPrint

I just received my CR-6 and I was able to connect OctoPrint, but I am experiencing some quirks. I understand the CR-6 is probably not 'fully supported' yet. What is the proper etiquette to ask questions and offer support via data logs?

When you open a topic in the Get Help category, there is a template provided. If you take the time to read the links in the template and then provide the requested information including logs (<- note this is a link), we will have what we need to provide the help that you need. Remember, you can't provide too much detail or too much information.

I would also suggest that if you have multiple "quirks", that you put each one into a separate topic with a useful title. As each "quirk" gets resolved, you can mark that topic as solved and future CR-6 SE owners will benefit.

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This can likely be solved with 'CR-6' plugin, but you would have to offer some testing time to whoever was to create it. Couple of things that would be useful:

  1. Good description of the 'quirks' and what happens / should happen
  2. Enable serial.log (<- click link), and post a relevant log each time you have an issue.

It is likely just some non-standard communication, since Creality like to change the most annoying things, for no apparent reason, but we'll leave it there.

once mine arrives i would love to help get this working if i can and if others have not already offered their help. who do i contact or how do i start that once mine arrives?

@Justin_Clevenger, Just follow the recommendations put forth in this thread. Open topics in the Get Help category and provide all the requested information.

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