CR Touch functionality?


ive seen a BLTouch plugin, just wondering if theres anything out there or a way to get octoprint to see the CRTouch on my Ender 3


The plugin does nothing special - it just sends the corresponding gcodes of the buttons to the printer

Since the CRTouch is more or less the same as a BLTouch it should also work with the plugin.

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thanks for the reply, im not sure it just works like that as ive seen a few recent posts to octo, such as on reddit regarding the bltouch vs crtouch on octoprint

has this changed now so if i install the bltouch plugin and use the default marlin settings it should work?

Creality doesn't offer a different firmware for CRTouches so I'm pretty sure there should no difference for the end user.

Just try it. Worst case it doesn't work :wink:
Creality sometimes does weird stuff with their firmwares but I don't think that they changed something on that end.

But just for your information - you don't need this plugin at all. It's not like a driver for hardware in your pc. It's just those buttons:

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So I guess the user on reddit did something else wrong - it was not related to the plugin.

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