CR10 V3 (or V2) profil

I have a Creality CR10 since 2 weeks and I discover the printer 3d world :wink:

I looking for over the web and here the good profil for my creality CR10 V3 (but I think it's the same thing for the V1 and V2) to avoid to do anything.

I use the same thing that the CR10S that I found on this forum, but the estimated time it's not correct compared to Cura estimation.

Do you know which settings I could change to have a better estimated time ?

Since a lot and enjoy Octoprint ! :blush:

You might look at

The speed estimate in OctoPrint is based on the file size predominately, rather than an actual simulation. As you might guess, running a simulation is quite power intensive. And there is already a solution (plugin above) that solves this problem so there is no need to implement it in core OctoPrint.

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