CR6-SE printer Profiles?

Hi, I just installed octopi on a Rpi3B+ and connected the printer to the Pi. It connects in octopi. My question is how to setup the printer profile for all the settings for the cr6-se? Is there someone that already did it ? What settings did you put in the profile?

I've done it twice now, it's fairly obvious, you just need to put in the basics, mostly the defaults are fine, just need to add bed size 235x235x250, nozzel 0.4mm.

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So you keep “generic RepRap printer”, then just adjust the size? Did you keep the 6000/6000/300/200mm for the axes?

Yes I left the speeds at default but turned off the RepRap printer because I use the Creality Slicer which is Marlin.

You can name your printer whatever you want. The rep-rap stuff is just generic. RTFM (read the fine manual) it will have all the settings you need for OP.

Here is a list of some examples: