Creality cloud plugin install errors

First off thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this, I am pretty new to all this.I am having issues trying to install the creality cloud plugin and could really use some help.
Install of octoprint when smooth and I have installed all the requirements for the plug in (OctoPrint>1.7.0", "paho_mqtt", "pyjwt", "tb-mqtt-client==1.2"],aliyun-iot-linkkit,rust) and it still fails to install properly, any help figuring out what in doing wrong is appreciated (108.6 KB)

I might be able to help you here. Based on the error it seems the install of rpds-py is failing because of missing rustc compiler. noticed on that the version 0.10.2 has precompiled binaries, so if you connect to your pi via SSH and run the command below, I think you'll be able to install.

/home/spencer/oprint/bin/pip install rpds-py==0.10.2
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This worked!!! I can't thank you enough!!!