Creality CR10 Smart blocking Octoprint

I made the mistake of updating the firmware from Creality on a CR10 Smart Pro. (Stupid, not smart, i know now).

When using Octoprint I have lost all fine control via the touch screen, the most annoying issue is fine adjustment of Z height during printing of the first layer. Of course once printing starts there is no Z height adjust via Octoprint either.

It was possible before firmware update and it's still possible on an Ender 3S1 Pro i have. Makes nozzle changes etc a dream!

Really annoying! Creality support simply say "firmware does not support Octoprint" arggghhhh!

the communicaton interface between optoprint and the printer is GCODE and the terminal tab should show if there is any challenge.


Thanks for responding. I'm not sure what you are getting at though? I use Octoprint to send, manage and monitor prints to my printers. The CR10 Smart Pro allows this (via usb from a Pi).

The issue is, I could fine adjust Z height for the first (and subsiquent) layers via the touch screen on the printer. Since updating the printer firmware I cannot do this.

I can adjust Z on the fly if I print from an SD card in the printer. Once a print is sent via Octoprint the CR10 Smart Pro blocks this!

The printer FW just understand GCODE, so OP translates any action to it and send ist to the printer.
The communication it shown in the Terminal tab.
E.g. you have a printer with Marlin FW and somewhere in OP Buttons for Babystepping, Marlin's Babystepping GCODE is/should be send to the printer if you press a button. If that works or what happens in your case is shownin the Terminal.

Sorry but I don't understand what you are saying here?
To clarify,
If I print from Octoprint I cannot fine adjust Z height during first layer via the printer touch screen.
If I print from SD card in the printer I can fine adjust Z height during first layer via the printer touch screen.

I could do this before updating Creality firmware and I still can on an Ender 3 S1 Pro with the latest Creality firmware.

You are talking about an original printer touchsreen which is directly connected to the printer? Sorry I didn't get this till jet. I guessed you have one of the OP touch solutions
You did a printer fw update and after that you are not able to do babysteping from the touch while remote printing over serial, right?
In my opinion this comes from the FW and not from OP so you should ask this in a creality group.
Maybe you have to update the screen FW also. In this case I cannot help, sorry, I use klipper for some years.