Creality Ender 3 V2 Temperature Log - still problems after applying "fix"

Hi! Today I started with 3D printing on my Ender 3 V2. Printing runs perfectly fine, that's good :wink: Now I set up Octopi on a RPi 4 and got the warning about the broken Firmware. So I updated the Firmware (to 1.0.2). I also installed the "Creality 2x temperature reporting fix". It loaded correctly and is visible in the Plugin Manager. When I watch the terminal window, it still reports the temp in this format:

Recv: TT::25.5125.51 //0.000.00 BB::28.4928.49 //0.000.00 @@::00 BB@@::100:

and it does it aaaall the time. Should this (apart from the wrong format) be the case, that it is logging it all the time? Also temp report blocking does not work (maybe due to the fact that it is not recognizing it as a temp log).

So can you please help me? Or should I not be worried about it? It basically doesen't bother me NOW, but maybe in the future when I want to go deeper into some settings an terminal commands. Please help, thanks!

The plugin does not change what is reported by the printer (and it shouldn't, otherwise you are covering up the issues). What it does change, is the parsing of the temperatures for OctoPrint. Now you will notice that the temperature graph updates properly, since OctoPrint has correct temperature parsing.

I would not be worried about it, if you really want to suppress it you have to come up with your own regex for the filter, or find someone who's done it already.

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Okay, good to know! Thank you for the quick support! :slight_smile:

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I got bothered by this as well and wrote some regex for it:
You can apply the following 2 filters in the settings > Terminal Filters:

For the temperature messages:

For the empty lines