Crealty Printer Disconnecting From Octoprint Randomly SOLVED.. It Is For Me :)

I have an Ender 3 Max. It's in a Creality "fireproof" enclosure, it's my first printer which I've had for around 18 months & for most of that time it's had random stopping issues. The first random stops happened while it was still in warranty & printing from SD card. The shop I bought it through had a contact at Creality & who I had direct contact with via Whatsapp. They had me do every test known to man as well as provided me with new firmware, it made no difference so they condemned the main board (V4.2.2). They gave me a 4.2.7 which I installed & loaded the firmware they provided & all was well for a week or so. I learnt how to set up Marlin for myself, downloaded, set up & loaded the latest firmware, made no difference. I bought a Pi Zero 2W to try Octoprint. It made no difference, did some research where the Zero 2W was getting the blame. I'd bought a Pi4 to use for something else, tried it, it seemed to cure it. Then after a week or so it started happening again so went back to printing from SD card, same thing, so it's nothing to do with the Pi's, I knew that from previous experience. Back on the Pi4 I tried ferrite beads on all the wiring of the printer, the Pi power supply, the USB leads, the webcam all to no avail. I took the main board out & wrapped it in tin foil, no difference, I disconnected the printer control panel & cable, no difference. I had LED bulbs in the room ceiling lights, I measured the EMF which read over 700, changed them to incandescent bulbs, measured the EMF & it was virtually zero, no difference, if anything the printer is worse. Today it has stopped 4 times & that's while trying to print a 39 minute print. One time it disconnected from Octoprint the instant I switched the ceiling lights (incandescent) on. It's been running Marlin Bugfix since July.
So after all that it seems to me that the Creality main boards are highly susceptible to EMF & you get that when you switch things on or off, in other words the boards are crap.

I'm in 2 minds whether to try a different brand of main board or box the thing up, sell it & buy something else which is not Creality.
I have seen there are other threads with Creality printers having the same issue. Are there any other brands of printer with this problem? I haven't seen any on my Google travels

I'm pretty sure I've cured the random mid print print failures I've been having & It's nothing to do with mains LED lights or ferrite beads on every cable. I replaced the printer motherboard which did 2 things. After calibrating the printer which funnily enough ended up with the same numbers the Creality board had, the print quality is so much better, light night & day, but, it didn't cure the random stops 100% although it did significantly improve it. The printer stopped once when I was standing there looking at it. The small fridge which I measured as being 1.2m (sorry I don't have a tape measure with feet n inches lol) away from it, I thought stopped at the same time the printer stopped. I got the printer going again & played with the multi socket power board the fridge is plugged in to on off switch & couldn't make the printer stop, did the same with the ceiling lights, changed to incandescent bulbs & switched on off a zillion times, nope, back to the fridge on off, nope. Walked away & half hour later had another go at the fridge & bingo when I switched it off the printer stopped dead. The fridge was plugged into a multi socket which in turn was plugged into the same wall socket the printer is in. 2 weeks ago I moved the fridge to another part of the garage & is now about 3.5m away & on the other side of a chest freezer. Since moving the fridge the printer has been 100%. I had the Pi4 die on me & have now got the Zero 2W in its place. The Zero2 USB is connected via a home made micro USB to USB-B cable to a 4 way powered USB hub with an old Logitech C170 webcam & the printer connected to it. I've played with the ceiling lights, changed back to LED bulbs, had the car running with the bonnet up right next to the printer, the fridge, freezer & washing machine all doing their thing, so far it's rock solid
I thought I'd come back & give my findings so anyone else having the problem may find something in them to solve their problem too

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