CSS not loading for plugin

I have been following the guide for plugin development but I can't seem to get my css to take affect.

I first tried with bundling on and then off.

        bundle: false

I can see my css file at localhost:5000/plugins/smsnotifier/static/css/smsnotifier.css.

I can not see my css file in the dev tools of chrome.


Mt directory layout is correct and I think my get assets is as well:

def get_assets(self):
        return dict(

The js works but I can't seem to get the css to take effect. I also don't see it being downloaded in the "Network" tab of chrome.

I have restarted the octoprint server, I have tried shift+f5. I have "cleared my plugin data' from the plugins manager tab. Next I will try uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin.

I typoed css as cs and I couldn't see it until I opened the issue :blush: