Cura 3.3.1 works perfect with octoprint


Just download newest cura version.
go to plugins en install the octoprint plugin.


Thanks for the heads up on this! I am new to the community, just got Octopi up and running on my Monoprice Maker Ultimate yesterday. I have been using the octo web interface.

I took your advice and installed the Octo plug in in Cura. I didnt even know it had one.

How do I actually use it tho. I can not seem to find any details in any of the menus

Thanks in advance!


Preferences >> Printers >> Connect OctoPrint

Found it. Thanks non-the-less


It took a bit to realize how to use this and get it connected.

I will note that I've discovered a bug in the interface. I had just uploaded and printed a file on OctoPrint prior to this and so it was still selected. Immediately following this I saved a file in Cura and it then overwrote the previously-selected file in the OctoPrint interface rather than using the correct name one would expect in a situation like this. So the part where it should be issuing the name as it uploads it is not working if a file was previously selected in the OctoPrint interface.

Cura OctoPrint Connection plugin

I have been using Cura for months without knowing about this plugin. This really streamlines the workflow.


I will note that I've discovered a bug in the interface.

This is a bug in Cura 3.3 and Cura 3.4, which has been fixed for the next release. A workaround is to click on a field in the sidebar before sending the file to OctoPrint.

Note that this bug could have been fixed sooner, if it had been reported on the Ultimaker forum, the Cura issue queue ( or the OctoPrintPlugin issue queue (