CURA Display Progress on LCD

hello there,
is there a Plugin to catch the LCD Notifications you can add with the Cura Post Processing Plugin?


Currently its look like that and spams my Printer Notifications :



Hello @Sebe47 !

Do you have OctoPrint-M117PopUp installed, or another plugin that displays M117 information on the screen?

Hello @Ewald_Ikemann,

currently i have following 3rd Party Plugins

Access Anywhere - The Spaghetti Detective (1.5.1)
Arc-Welder (1.0.0+u.bb71e8f)
Bed Leveling Wizard (0.2.4)
Bed Visualizer (1.0.0)
Creality Temperature (1.2.4)
Creality-2x-temperature-reporting-fix (0.0.4)
Floating Navbar (0.3.4)
MeatPack (1.5.21)
Navbar Temperature Plugin (0.14)
Themeify (1.2.2)

I dont know if any of these do something with M117 :unamused:

This is something in OctoPrint by default, called 'Printer Notifications' plugin. You can disable the notifications from its settings.


I knew it was somewhere...

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Thanks for the info... but than i can disable the coammand in cura.

I like the information its provides but currently its annoying

So no option for just "update" the notification and do not make every time a new one?

This is not M117 messages that are being displayed, that is // action:notification pushed by the printer. Your firmware is overly communicative and this is precisely what I feared how this notification feature would get abused :unamused:

So I'd suggest you disable the popups feature of the Printer Notifications plugin, that way you won't get these tons of popups anymore but still see printer notifications in the plugin's panel in the sidebar. And then you need to install the M117 popup or some other M117 plugin, because judging by your screenshot up there that is actually what you want to intercept.


Hi @Sebe47,
take a look at DisplayLayerProgress maybe that is what you are looking for.