Cura OctoPrint Connection plugin

Does it change at all if you press the Connect button?

No, other than that button changing to disconnect.

Since this post came up with my google search and it seems like the OP might be notified of changes I decided to just post in this thread,

The "Unknown plug" in the list is interesting, and might point in the direction of a workaround. Could it be that at some point you had another power-related plugin installed in OctoPrint that you have since removed/disabled?

Go to Help -> Show configuration folder and open the folder named machine_instances. Open the .global.cfg file corresponding to your Creality Ender-3 in a text-editor, and let look for a line starting with octoprint_power_plug. Please let me know the rest of that line. You can try to remove the whole line and restarting Cura.

octoprint_power_plug = tplinksmartplug/Ender #/192.168.1.*

and fixed thanks so much!

almost... turned the printer on but did not connect... seemed like a problem with psu control. I went back to tplink plugin... there is a delay setting on that one at least. I also had to delete the line again and reset Cura. In any-case thanks for the assist.

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I have recently released a new version of the Cura OctoPrint Connection plugin to the marketplace. Among other things it comes with some updated network components. I would love some feedback on the latest release.

To entice you to update, the plugin now contains an optional dialog before uploading the printjob which lets you change the name and path of the file. Oh, and it has been translated to Russian.


Is it possible that that latest update broke something? The plugin is no longer loading for me on Cura 4.12 and 4.13 beta (MacOS). See here:

Yes, that is entirely possible (and the reason I was asking for feedback here!). Thanks for opening an issue at github. Let's diagnose the issue there.

Cura 4.12.1 and OctoPrint Connection plugin 3.60, windows 10.

All working well, thanks for a great plugin.


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Hi there,

Spent several hours trying to get the "connect" button to become active and for it to accept my API code. Even changed the networktimeout to 60000 as suggested but still didn't work. Finally, decided to change to 100000, and now its connecting!!! FYI, using a Creality Wifi Box with OctoPrint installed on it and it is very slooooow to load. Just putting this out there for anyone in the same boat.

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Yeah, foosel broke one of those creality wifi boxes open to see what the components were and it's definitely underpowered for the task.

Just so we're clear. It is taking more than a minute to load. That is not just slow, that is ridiculous.
But I'll try to work around it in a future update...